Another ‘would you rather’ tag!

Back along I did a 'would you rather tag' and answered a few questions. I recently found some more questions - I can't find where I got them from though! Anyway, here are my answers! 1. Would you rather have more time or more money? I'd love to have more time, but I wouldn't have... Continue Reading →


A few days in Amsterdam!

Hey guys! As you may have seen from my Instagram, Aaron and I recently went to Amsterdam for a few days, and I thought I would give you a little overview of some of the things we got up to. We stayed in the XO Hotels Park West hotel in Sloterdijk, which was such a... Continue Reading →

Making a bath bomb!

For Christmas I was gifted this make your own bath bomb set from Marks and Spencers, and I thought I would share with you today how it went! The kit included: sodium Bicarbonate Citric Acid Epsom Salts Coconut Oil Lemon Verbena Fragrance Cornflower A pipette A mould All you needed yourself was water, 2 mixing... Continue Reading →

A rather large beauty haul!

After moving out, I hadn't bought any new makeup for a while, so I thought you know what? I'm going to treat myself! I had a look on BeautyBay, somewhere I'd never shopped before, and I immediately thought 'I need an OFRA highlighter'! So I went for their highlighter in the shade glazed donut. It... Continue Reading →

Homeware haul – part 2!

As promised, here is part 2 of my homeware haul! The kitchen has a running theme (chosen by myself - sorry Aaron) of farm animals! I am such an animal lover, and I fell IN LOVE with this set from The Range! It is called 'back to front animals' and features all the farm animals... Continue Reading →

The ‘would you rather’ tag

Thank-you to the lovely Emily for tagging me in this! I loved answering these, they are such interesting questions. You can see her post here, make sure you head over to see her answers to different questions! Here are my answers to her 'would you rather' questions: 1. Would you rather never be able to know... Continue Reading →

Homeware haul – part 1

Hi everyone! As I've mentioned previously, Aaron and I recently moved out into our own place, and we've been busy buying a lot of stuff! Who doesn't love a homeware haul, right? As there's just the 2 of us, we decided to go for a little 2 seater sofa (Argos), which is really cosy and... Continue Reading →

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