Summer favourites! (AD)

It wouldn’t be summer without a favourites post, right?

First up is sunglasses, and they all happen to be the same, just in different prints. I cannot do anything in summer without having sunglasses on – from driving to sunbathing to walking to the shops. My eyes seem to be very light sensitive, so these are always a must. My current favourites are all from Primark for around £4 each which is great, and they work really well. I am a big fan of the cat eye shaped glasses, I just feel like they’re the most flattering for my face shape. I have them in black, tortoiseshell and leopard print.


I recently bought this gel nail kit after watching EmmasRectangle did a sponsored video for them, and I am obsessed! No matter what I do, I can never keep nail polish on for more than a day or two – I am a picker! But gels I can’t pick (well, not as easily), so this has been perfect! It’s so easy to do, even if you’re not great at nails! It’s from the brand mylee, who do a whole set for a reduced price which is great, because by the time you buy all the extra bits, it adds up! If anyone’s interested, you can get it here.


I was recently sent a t-shirt* from Jesmundo, which I absolutely adore. Obviously I chose the cat print, as you will most likely know I love cats. But they have so many designs to choose from – especially slogan t-shirts. They can also print t-shirts for occasions such as hen-dos and birthdays. One thing I will point out is always size up if you can – they do come up small. I’m normally a size 14, which equates to an XXL in their sizing guide, which is unfortunately the largest size they go up to. So if you’re larger than a 14, or want it a bit oversized, you’re out of luck. The quality is really nice and overall, I love this t-shirt.

To keep my feet feeling fresh this summer, I’ve really been enjoying using the Superdrug foot masks! They are little boots that you stick your feet into, which have a foot mask inside, abit like a sheet mask. They work really well to moisturise your feet.


What are your summer favourites this year?

Until next time.


* although this post contains gifted products, all opinions are my own and I am under no obligation to recommend them.


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