Homeware haul – part 2!

As promised, here is part 2 of my homeware haul!

The kitchen has a running theme (chosen by myself – sorry Aaron) of farm animals! I am such an animal lover, and I fell IN LOVE with this set from The Range! It is called ‘back to front animals’ and features all the farm animals – and associated ones like foxes and badgers – on plates, mugs, bowls, towels etc. We have pretty much the whole set, but I thought I’d just show you the coffee, tea and sugar set along with the chopping board/worktop saver.


Keeping in with this theme, Aaron surprised me one day with this canvas that I had wanted for absolutely ages, before we even moved out. It’s this stunning up close cow painting (The Range), which again I am in love with. I feel like he just makes our kitchen complete. On our little dining table we have this little pair of hedgehog salt and pepper shakers, which were from B&M about a year ago. They were too cute not to share!

Anyone who knows me knows my kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a few Disney mugs! We were very kindly gifted these sets at Christmas, which are his and hers Beauty and the Beast, and Minnie and Mickey mouse.

Onto the bedroom, and again there is an animal theme going on. Just look at that bedding! It’s from Asda and is brushed cotton, and it’s the softest thing I have ever slept in! The pattern has foxes, hedgehogs and badgers on one side, and loads of tiny hedgehogs on the underside. The throw on top is from Primark, and is really really soft and cozy. We decided to fill in the wall above our bed with this gorgeous flower print from The Range. As this is a rented property, we are using Command strips for the pictures (unless there’s a nail already on the wall), and so far we are impressed.

In the spare room we have my makeup desk. This is from Argos, and we managed to find a chair from The Range that matches perfectly. In the drawers down the side I keep most of my makeup, with a separate drawer for each type of product. The mirror on my desk is also from Argos – I would have liked a matching one but we couldn’t find any that I liked that weren’t ridiculously priced.


One more little item I wanted to mention is this ‘toilet rules’ sign for the bathroom (Matalan). I found this very amusing and we just had to get it.


Until next time.



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