The ‘would you rather’ tag

Thank-you to the lovely Emily for tagging me in this! I loved answering these, they are such interesting questions. You can see her post here, make sure you head over to see her answers to different questions!

Here are my answers to her ‘would you rather’ questions:

1. Would you rather never be able to know the time or never know what day it was? Never know the time, because you can kind of guess the rough time by the light.

2. Would you rather always shout or whisper? Whisper, because if it’s a private conversation everyone would hear it!

3. Would you rather get 10 piercings or 10 tattoos (consecutively)? 10 tattoos, because they can vary so much and you can have all different things, whereas piercings would get boring.

4. Would you rather be able to talk to cats or dogs? Cats. Definitely cats.

5. Would you rather have your phone’s pictures or texts exposed? Pictures – I don’t have any I wouldn’t show to other people anyway.

6. Would you rather be famous and well known, or famous yet anonymous? (Hopefully that makes sense, like Banksy haha). Oooh tough one! Probably anonymous, because I would get fed up of all the attention all the time, and I could go about my day as normal.

7. Would you rather never be able to dream at night or never daydream? Never be able to dream at night. I spend some of my work day daydreaming and I feel like it would drag even more without it.

8. Would you rather it always be dark outside and warm, or light outside and cold? As much as I love the heat (abit like a lizard) my favourite days are when it’s really bright sunshine but cold air.

9. Would you rather have really long fingernails or toenails? You can hide long toenails abit better, although you would have to buy shoes a size up!

10. Would you rather wear the same outfit everyday or wear a different outfit each day but everything has to be neon? The same outfit everyday! I don’t think I can quite pull off the neon look.

I’d love to see your answers down below!

Until next time.




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