My top 5 festive films

It’s Christmas time! I love getting cosy and sticking on a Christmas film, so I thought I would share with you my top 5 films for the festive season!

First up is a classic which I feel like is on everyone’s list – ELF!

Next – another classic! Everyone loves the Grinch, and it is one of my favourite childhood films.

The best Disney film this time of year has to be Frozen. It just screams Christmas to me.


A film that might not be intentionally a Christmas film, but everyone knows you watch it around this time of year – The Holiday. This will always be a favourite of mine, I love everything about it.


Finally, one that a lot of people have never heard of – The Ghost of Greville Lodge. Again, this is a childhood favourite of mine, and will always be one of those classic Christmas films.


Honourable mention goes to The Nightmare Before Christmas!

What are your favourite festive films? Let me know!

Until next time.



5 thoughts on “My top 5 festive films

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  1. I always find it so hard to choose a favourite film, there are so many that I really enjoy watching for so many different reasons! Home Alone is definitely one film that makes me think of Christmas, haha. I remember seeing it on TV every year when growing up!



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