A long overdue beauty haul! (AD)

Hi everyone! Welcome back. I haven't done a good old fashioned beauty haul in a while, and it's safe to say I've bought quite a lot recently so I thought I would share some bits with you. I seemed to have gone on a bit of a highlighter and blusher spree so I'll start with... Continue Reading →

Meet Freya! And a Hamster haul!

Hello everyone! As you may have seen from my Instagram I have recently adopted a Hamster, so today I thought I would introduce her to the world and also show you some bits that we've recently picked up for her. Freya is a short haired Syrian Hamster who we adopted from a family member looking... Continue Reading →

A full face of 2019 faves!

Hello everyone! And a happy new year! I feel like as I grow up, each year goes by more and more quickly. Throughout 2019 I have found many firm favourites in terms of makeup, that I just keep reaching for again and again, so I thought today I would share with you a full face... Continue Reading →

A Very Autumnal Haul!

It's officially Autumn! As much as I love the summer months, I have to say I do have a little soft spot for Autumn. The colours, the scents - I just love it. One of my favourite things about this time of year is the d├ęcor. Here are a few homeware bits I've bought recently... Continue Reading →

Summer favourites! (AD)

It wouldn't be summer without a favourites post, right? First up is sunglasses, and they all happen to be the same, just in different prints. I cannot do anything in summer without having sunglasses on - from driving to sunbathing to walking to the shops. My eyes seem to be very light sensitive, so these... Continue Reading →

New in – homeware haul!

Hello everyone! Welcome back. I know I've been abit MIA recently but I'm back finally, and what better to come back with than with a homeware haul! As you will have heard me ramble on about, my boyfriend and I recently moved out and I have been obsessed with buying homeware bits ever since -... Continue Reading →

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